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Eclypsium actively shares our firmware threat research and security expertise with the broader security community at conferences and events around the world

Webinars and Online Events

Virtual Event: FS-ISAC Spring Summit

May 19-20, 2020


The financial services industry is evolving its business models to serve its customers and employees in a world where digitization is no longer an option. In this new era, where not only customers but also employees must adjust to operating virtually nearly overnight, cyber criminals are seeing endless opportunity. Eclypsium CEO, Yuriy Bulygin, will speak live at this FS-ISAC event, and attendees will be able to see a demo at the Eclypsium booth.

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Webinar: Protecting Device Integrity in the Supply Chain

May 13, 2020


How is your organization addressing risks to device integrity in the technology supply chain? In this panel discussion, experts from TAG Cyber, Johns Hopkins and Eclypsium explore how to improve visibility into your device supply chain and protect your organization from cybersecurity threats targeting vulnerabilities and weak points.

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Webinar: Mitigating Device Security Risks in Data Centers, Remote Use and Supply Chains

APR 28, 2020


Join this ISE® Fireside Webinar featuring Eclypsium CEO, Yuriy Bulygin, and a CISO panel for a discussion of best practices for CISOs and their security teams to mitigate security risks targeting the device integrity of data center environments, remote users and supply chains.

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Webinar: Detecting & Defeating Persistent Attacks

APR 16, 2020


Is your organization equipped to detect and defeat firmware attacks? Eclypsium’s Ron Talwalkar and Jesse Michael describe how such attacks can persist undetected by traditional security solutions, surviving operating system reinstalls and even hard drive replacement. Learn about vulnerabilities that can leave you open to attack, and see how Eclypsium can help you detect and defend against them.

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Webinar: Best Practices for Firmware Updates



A disciplined process of firmware updates is an essential element of good cybersecurity hygiene but can be challenging for many enterprises. Eclypsium’s John Loucaides and Steve Mancini provide IT and security leaders with insights into firmware update management and guidance on best practices. 

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Webinar: Anatomy of a Firmware Attack



Explore the techniques of successful firmware attacks as they apply to stages of a kill chain in this Eclypsium webinar designed to help you assess and defend enterprise devices from firmware and hardware threats.

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Webinar: Perilous Peripherals



Eclypsium researchers Jesse Michael and Rick Altherr will describe new research showing how unsigned firmware in WiFi adapters, USB hubs, trackpads, laptop cameras and network interface cards provides pathways for malicious attackers to compromise laptops and servers.

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Webinar: How Direct Memory Access Attacks Bypass Hardware Protections

On Demand


New research from Eclypsium shows that high-speed DMA attacks can bypass built-in hardware protections on enterprise devices. Jesse Michael and Mickey Shkatov describe their research, and discuss the ramifications for enterprise security.

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Webinar: Screwed Drivers

On demand


A common design flaw uncovered in drivers from 20 vendors allows widespread Windows compromise. In this webinar, Eclypsium researchers Jesse Michael and Mickey Shaktov take you behind the scenes to show how and why this happened, and disclose the latest updates to their research.

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Upcoming Events

InfoSec World

June 22 – 24, 2020

Lake Buena Vista, FL

For over 25 years InfoSec World has been the “business of security” conference. To manage today’s threats, security practitioners must have the skills to be both a business partner and enabler, and have the technical expertise to prevent, detect and respond to security challenges. At this year’s InfoSec World, Eclypsium’s John Loucaides will present “Hacking Firmware: The Unprotected Attack Surface of the Enterprise” on Monday, March 30th at 1:45 PM. Meet John, and the rest of the Eclypsium team at our booth in the expo hall.

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Cross Domain Technical Forum

July 27-28, 2020

Laurel, MD

The Cross Domain Technical Forum brings together international intelligence community members to collaborate in real time, build partnerships and advance technical knowledge of crucial technology. Eclypsium is a sponsor and will demonstrate our industry-leading firmware protection platform at our booth.

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Training: Practical Firmware Implants

Aug 1-2, 2020

Las Vegas, NV

Eclypsium’s Mickey Shkatov and Jesse Michael will provide a two day crash course in UEFI development for security practitioners at RingZer0’s Infosec Training this coming August. Dive deep into the world of UEFI and boot processes, implants and payloads, and build your own firmware implant in this hands-on course

Training: Finding Firmware Implants

Aug 3-4, 2020

Las Vegas, NV

Eclypsium’s Rick Altherr and Jesse Michael dive into the tools and techniques used to extract system firmware from a system, unpack the contents, and analyze them for signs of tampering in this 2-day course at RingZer0’s Infosec Training in Las Vegas. This hands-on training provides an incident response and forensics guide to finding firmware implants.

Past Events

i-4 Forum 99

March 9-11, 2020

Orlando, FL

Alex Bazhaniuk, CTO & Co-Founder of Eclypsium, will join Sergej Epp, Chief Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks, for a discussion on Incident Response and Red Teaming at the International Information Integrity Institute forum on Monday, March 9.

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RSA 2020

February 24-28, 2020

San Francisco, CA

Join top cybersecurity leaders and a dedicated community of peers at RSA 2020 as we exchange the biggest, boldest ideas that will help propel the industry forward. Firmware security will be a hot topic. To learn more, visit Eclypsium at booth 29 in the Early Stage Expo at Moscone South, Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday and Thursday.

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SANS Cyber Defense Initiative

December 10-17, 2019

Washington, DC

Sharpen your defenses with this week of cyber security training put on by SANS. Then on Friday, December 13th, join Eclypsium at the vendor solutions exposition to see to a demonstration on how to defend the unprotected firmware and hardware layer of the enterprise – including laptops, servers, and networking infrastructure.

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FS-ISAC Fall Summit

November 17-20, 2019

Washington, DC

Information security leaders from the financial sector will come together for three days of thought-provoking and interactive sessions at this fall’s FS-ISAC Americas Summit. Eclypsium’s CEO, Yuriy Bulygin will give a talk on “Firmware: The Unprotected Attack Surface” on Tuesday Nov 19th, and we’re hosting a special reception that evening.

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November 8-10, 2019

San Diego, CA

ToorCon is changing it up this year with a Red-Day, a Blue-Day and a Fun-Day. Eclypsium’s Alex Ivkin is a Blue-Day speaker. His talk, “Down the sinkhole with Kubernetes” will be at noon on November 8th. Don’t miss it!

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SINET Showcase

November 6-7, 2019

Washington, DC

SINET Showcase provides a platform to identify and highlight “best-of-class” security companies that are addressing the most pressing needs and requirements in Cybersecurity. Don’t miss the panel discussion on “Trust but Verify Firmware in the Supply Chain”, featuring Gene Casady of Global Payments, Kevin Nally of the US Secret Service, Steve Orrin of Intel, Chad Sweet of The Chertoff Group and Eclypsium CEO Yuriy Bulygin.

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PacSec 2019

November 6-7, 2019

Tokyo, Japan

To address the increasing importance of information security in Japan, the best known figures in the international security industry will get together with leading Japanese researchers to share best practices and technology at PacSec in Tokyo this November. Eclypsium researchers Jesse Michael and Mickey Shaktov will present “Get Off The Kernel If You Can’t Drive” – showing how common drivers can be used to compromise the security of the platform.

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BSides Portland

October 25-26, 2019

Portland, OR

Eclypsium is sponsoring BSides PDX, a gathering of the most interesting infosec minds in Portland and the Pacific Northwest! Several of our Oregon team members will be in attendance – be sure to connect. And don’t miss our own Alex Ivkin’s talk, “Argghh, yer kubernetes be now a shark bait!” Saturday at 12:30 PM.

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Virus Bulletin

October 2-4, 2019

London, England

In its 29th year, the annual Virus Bulletin International Conference (VB2019) is one of the most international threat intelligence events of the year, focusing on the sharing of intelligence between researchers and analysts, product managers and CISOs from around the world. Together with Intel, Eclypsium will showcase advanced firmware attack detection technology.

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Platform Security Summit

Oct 1-3, 2019

Redmond, WA

PSEC 2019 brings together security architects, researchers and developers from the ecosystems of hyperscalers, service operators, product vendors, academia and open-source. Eclypsium’s John Loucaides will speak on “The Tragedy of the Commons in Platform Security” – that a single vulnerability or failure at the platform level breaks years of investment and progress in security.

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September 25-27, 2019

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This annual security conference brings together specialists in the field from around the world for training, talks, games, challenges and much more. Eclypsium’s Daniel Gutson and Mauricio Sanfilippo will lead a workshop on Reverse Mathematics showcasing a new technique for detecting vulnerabilities. Daniel, together with Erik Ccanto and Juan Melquiot are also leading a workshop on Frida LangGo, dynamically reversing and implementing applications made in Go to spy on sensitive information.

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September 24-26, 2019

Half Moon Bay, California

SecurityWeek’s invitation-only 2019 CISO Forum, presented by Intel, brings together security leaders to discuss, share and learn information security strategies. Eclypsium CEO, Yuriy Bulygin, will take part in a panel discussion on “Assessing Security in the Hardware Supply Chain.”

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Open Source Firmware Conference

September 3-6, 2019

Sunnyvale, CA

This year’s Open Source Firmware Conference will feature more than 40 presentations over four days, and include an entire track on firmware security as well as a hackathon. Eclypsium’s Rick Altherr will present a comprehensive threat model for BMCs along with methodologies, practices, and techniques that can be used to avoid these common security mistakes.

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August 8-11, 2019

Las Vegas, NV

DEF CON is the largest sponsor free hacking conference. You have to earn your speaking spot by impressing the CFP review team – and we’re pleased to report that Eclypsium researchers Jesse Michael and Mickey Shaktov made the grade. They will present “Get off the Kernel if you can’t Drive” on Saturday, August 10 at 15:00. Don’t miss it!

Read Eclypsium’s DEF CON presentation

Black Hat

August 7-8, 2019

Las Vegas, NV

Now in its 22nd year, Black Hat USA is the world’s leading information security event, providing attendees with the very latest in research, development and trends. See a demonstration of the Eclypsium firmware protection platform at booth #IC2109, or contact us to schedule a private meeting.

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RSA 2019

March 4-7, 2019

San Francisco, CA

The RSA Conference brings together top cybersecurity leaders and a dedicated community of peers to exchange the biggest, boldest ideas that will help propel the industry forward. Eclypsium is honored to have been named a Top 10 Finalist in the 2019 RSA Innovation Sandbox. Catch CEO Yuriy Bulygin’s presentation live on March 4th, or see a demonstration of our newly released firmware protection platform at our booth in the Early Stage Expo.

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